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It's not one single thing. It's the fact that there are so many good things in one account tath give you extraordinary offers on daily banking, savings, mortgages and more.​​​​
To experience extraordinary Free day to day banking, all you have to do es lodge 2,500€ into your LIFEbank Extra Current Account each month. 
  • Free ATM & Cheque transactions
  • Free Contactless Transactions & Free Debit Card Purchases
  • Free Direct Debit & Standing Orders
  • Free Cashback
  • No quarterly maintenance fees
  • No Overdraft Setup Fee 
  • Pay with your phone using Bizum, Apple Pay, Fitbit Pay, Samsumg Pay or Garmin Pay

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Simple Details

Upload a photocopy of your ID showing clearly your name, the number and the date of expiration.